Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Story of Four Generations (written in English and Chinese!)

2000年。上: 张美凤姥姥在一家酒楼里。
Page 13
2000 (Top) Grandmother Cheung Mee
Fung in a restaurant.
1994 年。下: 张美凤姥姥家里的卫
1994 (Bottom) The toilet in Grandmother
Cheung Mee Fung’s house. My supper is
still alive.

2009年。上: 厦村邓氏宗祠友恭堂被
的婚礼通知。Page 15
2009 (Top) The Tang Ancestral Hall in Ha Tsuen is being restored. On the red bamboo billboard is an announcement of the
wedding of someone from the Tang family’s neighbourhood.

下: 同一个地方的晚上;
因为邓氏宗祠友恭堂被修复, 围绕它的
活动/ 仪式暂时搬到离它几米远的集装
箱里举行。(Bottom) The same place in the evening. On account of the restoration, the activities and rituals involving the Tang Ancestral Hall have been moved temporarily to the container a couple of metres further down.

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